Pastor Chris instructs global congregation to find and gather their sheaves, blessings from the Lord.

Reading from Psalm 126:6 and Genesis 37:7, the man of God, Pastor Chris explained the concept of sheaves — a bundle (often, of crops) — announcing that December 2018 is ‘the Month of Gathering Sheaves’!

The President inspired LoveWorld citizens around the world to pay special attention to the Spirit of God in this month, reviewing the ideas and thoughts He has given them throughout the year. “Go find the things that God gave you in the year and [gather] them together,” Pastor Chris said. According to the man of God, the Lord wants to refine ideas with updated information from the spirit realm.

In addition, Pastor Chris highlighted that the Lord will open the brethren’s eyes to see money and other sources of income in different places, investments that they had overlooked. What a month!