Can you imagine missing school for a while, or being treated like an outcast because you are in your period? Over 2.1 million teenagers in South Africa live below the poverty line, leaving one out of 10 women missing school or work during their periods because they cannot afford sanitary towels.

When Independent Fundraiser – Sandra Miller – discovered this trend in 2013, she founded an NGO called Dignity Dreams, the NGO has created reusable sanitary towels, that can be washed and reused.

Asides from this, Dignity Dreams also tries to educate girls on Sex Education and the morphological, emotional and social changes that go on in their lives during puberty. In doing this, Sandra has been astounded not just at the poverty, or the ignorance she has discovered in her journey, but also at the abuse that the girl child faces. In her own words:

The odds are stacked against them.

Watch the video to learn more about her work, her experience, and her discoveries.