In this episode of phenomenal woman, we talk to Romy Titus, and discover how this phenomenal female journalist is impacting her world by implementing a unique initiative that works with babies born and living with their mothers in prison.

Romy shares with us how she started off the Babies Behind Bars organisation, an initiative that assists babies that are born to women in incarceration. We find out in this episode how she has impacted her world with this amazing initiative.

The Babies Behind Bars initiative came about as a result of Romy’s experience when she was only 19 years old, and she went to a prison in Pretoria where she discovered that there are children who were born in prison and live with their mothers in this prisons in South Africa. Immediately she noticed that there was a huge lack that these children experienced, they could not go out to the world to enjoy what life had to offer, and they didn’t experience a good life in the prison. She noticed the abnormality in these children when a male cameraman from her group picked up one of the children in the prison and the child began to cry profusely but when any female picked up the child, the child would act normally. This was due to the child having no interaction with a male for his whole life.

Romy then went on to register as a non-profit organization in 2007 and ran the company from her garage. She went ahead on to broadcast her initiative for this prison – Pretoria Correctional Centre – and started to receive a great response, that took the initiative even further. Romy through her organization has been supplying basic needs of the children, received through donors to the organizations. The organization now consistently supplies the needs and wants of children in other prisons as well. A major source of her funding comes from companies, which eventually get tax deductions as a result.

Her advice to the people who wish to give back is to first discover “how you want to give back” once you have found out how you want to give back, just call on people and you call will eventually be heard.”

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