Today on the News, our Field Reporter – Innocent Semosa – caught up with the team from the Progressive Youth Forum. With little access to opportunities, the prospect for youth in South Africa is quite dim. Comes in the Progressive Youth Foundation, an NGO which works with young people to help empower them to become leaders in their communities.

PYF focuses on youth development in various communities in South Africa. According to the founder – Molara Msunya – the main aim of the NGO is to develop young entrepreneurs, “We want to empower young people especially those who have lost hope”. They believe that young people can make priceless contribution to their families’ economic growth when they are supported by other stakeholders. We are encouraging entrepreneurship, if you look at developed countries they are concentrating on SMEs because that will help  to sustain a young populace.” Thus they say their basic role is to help reduce the unemployment challenges in South Africa by creating entrepreneurs.

Watch the interview below: