Courtesy: Lilach Daniel

Modern Day Israel – Picture Courtesy: Lilach Daniel

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Ph.D, led a one-week Tour of the Holy Land. The Man of God, Pastor Chris, was joined by Pastors and leaders from across the BLW Nation’s expansive reach throughout the earth for a highly-coveted tour of the holy land, Israel.

In the words of Pastor Lanre Alabi, the tour, being a first of its kind, is coming at the perfect time, “not a moment too late and not a moment too soon.” As the Man of God visits historic landmarks such as the sea of Galilea, everyone privileged to be there with him gains a more vivid imagination of the scriptures that are known to be alive in the BLW message. Pastor Lanre Alabi speaks in the video below:

As part of the Holy Land tour, the president of the Believers LoveWorld Nation, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome visited the tomb where the Lord Jesus Christ was laid before He arose from the dead to the glory of God.  A member of the central executive council of the Believers’ LoveWorld incorporated, Reverend Ken Oyakhilome in the video below, shared his experience at the entrance of the tomb, saying everything he saw shows the enormity of what it took the Lord Jesus Christ to fulfill his ministry and the price He paid for the sins of the world. These sentiments were echoed by every person that witnessed what Pastor Chris and his team saw.

“We are seeing the Bible come alive,” says Pastor Ambrose Isesele, reporting from Israel. The ongoing tour of Israel, the Holy Land, has been a refreshing opportunity for all the ministers visiting important sites with the man of God. Pastor Ambrose Isesele also spoke at the Garden Tomb in the video below:

The Holy Land Tour with Pastor Chris also featured  a special visit to the birth place of Jesus in Bethlehem. There was an atmosphere of solemn reverence as the man of God and his guests witnessed with their eyes what they have previously internalized through the Holy Spirit from the scriptures.


The Jewish Shabbat is the day of rest, consistent with God’s rest from creation on the seventh day. Throughout Israel, devout Jews abstain from ‘work’ as stipulated or inferred in the Torah from sunset on Friday till sunset on Saturday, the day of rest.

Yesterday, Pastor Chris and his guests spent some Shabbat time at the famous ‘Western Wall,’ where many local Jews and pilgrims come to pray. In the video below, CEC Member, Pastor T.T. Edun, discussed the experience at the wall and the future of the BLW Nation as a result of this timely tour with the man of God. In his words, the ministry “has definitely made a quantum leap forward by the Holy Spirit.”

The adventure at the Holy Land Tour with Pastor Chris continued with visits to various historic sites with the man of God.  Pastor and his guests visited Tel Megiddo, the site to host the last great battle (of Armageddon) on earth, according to Revelations 16:16. They also saw Mount Carmel where the Prophet Elijah defeated 450 Prophets of Baal. Probably most significant of all, they paid a special visit to Nazareth, Jesus’ childhood hometown.

Experience yesterday’s outings in pictures arranged in the slideshow video below:

The Holy Land Tour with Pastor Chris has reached as far back into the annals of Bible history as Mount Carmel and leaped forward into prophecies with the site of the future battle of Armaggedon.

However, in between, the tourists have experienced the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus like never before. From visits to ‘the place of skull’ (Golgotha) to the Garden Tomb of Jesus, it has been a surreal experience for everyone in the man of God’s company. Summing up the thoughts stirred in the hearts of the tourists, CEC Member, Pastor Ambrose Isesele says “It makes us remember once again that Jesus came, He died, He suffered for our sins, and we must tell the whole world about it.” Watch Pastor Ambrose in the video below:


As the Holy Land Tour with Pastor Chris drew closer to its conclusion, every guest was full of sincere appreciation for the opportunity to witness the scriptures come alive. There was a Gala Night at the Bible Land Museum. View pictures from the gala night below: