Christ Embassy Randburg 2 Group 1 members embarked on multiple community projects on the first day of Reach Out South Africa.

The street cleaning community project team was very grateful for the opportunity given them to Impact the Community with the Street Cleaning Campaign. They focused on the entire Randburg area. The team took out time to distribute our Messenger Angel – Rhapsody of Realities – as they engaged the brooms and rakes, cleaning the community also with the Word of God.

According to the cleaning Team: “We had a very exciting moment with about 160 brethren who were so vibrant, distributing 1200 Rhapsodies, and we have 66 response slips of people who gave their lives to Christ as we cleaned up the streets. We cleaned up the streets and so many bins were filled says the leader of the street cleaning community project team, Bro. Trust Shone.

The street cleaning community project team in celebrating South Africa’s 20 years of democracy had joined forces with the City of Johannesburg in the Spring Clean Your City Campaign. All dirt accumulated in the bins was picked up by Piki Tup (the City refuse collection entity), leaving the entire area sparkling clean.

Next week the team will be distributing Rhapsody of Realities to over 200 Piki Tup Staff. It will be a great occasion and event as they will also be collecting the messenger angel for members of their families.

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