As at 10:00 am GMT+2 today 5th of August 2016, these are the results of the 2016 municipal Elections in South Africa. The picture shows the National Ballot, and number of councils and council seats allocation. Several votes are still being counted and audited, and seats are still going to be allocated based on these votes.

The picture shows the following details in loss/gain of support for each party, compared to the last elections.

ANC: -7.64%

DA: 2.43%

IFP: 0.90%

ICOSA: 0.07%

UDM: -0.02%

VF+: 0.32%

AIC: 0.60%

COPE: -1.68%

BRA: 0.11%

The EFF, F4SD and Independents had no votes in the 2011 Municipal Elections.