Featured on this episode is Samantha Zimbango, an Image Consultant at Shamwari Day Spa. She is a wife, a mother an entrepreneur “but above all, a daughter of the Most High God. Owner of the Shamwari Day Spa, Samantha says she was passionate about bringing beauty and Christian ministry together, and thus started the Day Spa.

Heels on Wheels is a program that is passionate about helping people, particularly women, to reach their full potentials. We follow our passion, by showcasing women in various roles, that are an inspiration, due to their zeal, faith, motivation and their achievements. The programme is designed to inspire women who aspire to senior and executive positions within the business environment, or to entrepreneurial achievements. We also bring to you women in the marketplace and workplace who have made their mark, inspiring and empowering those around them to develop their potential and reach their goals. We ask them insightful questions, drawing on the lessons that each woman has offered to her community, country and the world as a whole. Women on the go, who have overcome failure, are trailblazers and are doing great things.

“For mentorship and Support, firstly, I go to God… I look up to God for motivation, Strength and Inspiration”

Samantha was in the corporate industry, but her inspiration led her to depart from Corporate into the beauty industry. She inspires women to follow their passions and succeed.

“As an African woman, you have the power to convert a Scar, into a Star”