Christ Embassy Southern Africa Zone 1 hosted ‘Soweto Miracle Crusade’ with Pastor Ose Oyakhilome. The crusade which took place at the Elkah Stadium was attended by thousands of people.

Many came to witness the tremendous power made available thorough prayers, and worship as ministration through songs, dance and praises stirred up in everyone that attended from young to old. Buhle Bokau was very much expectant to receive healing “I want to listen to Pastor Ose’s message so that it can transform my life from glory to glory”, said Buhle.

BLW music ministers where excited to be part of this life changing programs, and they ministered with equal zeal. Pastor Ose Oyakhilome during her sermon spoke about the importance of Jesus Christ in one’s life, “Soweto belongs to Jesus, for the next few minutes I want you to pray for Soweto”. As the service went on lives  were transformed, healing miracles took place in the bodies and hearts of men, and people were inspired to do more for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our LoveWorld News reporter Innocent Semosa was at the Elkah Stadium and brings you highlights of the glorious crusade.