All voters that are not able to cast their votes at the voting stations on the election day, had the chance to apply for special votes. The special votes were to be cast at designated voting stations, with those who couldn’t make it to the stations being visited at their homes/locations for their votes to be taken on the 1st and 2nd of August.

After voting on the Special vote days, the voters are marked off both the special votes list, and the voters’ roll. Their thumbs are also marked, and their ID books stamped. They are given special envelopes, to make sure their votes are kept secret, and their ballots are sealed in the envelopes, after which they are further sealed in a larger envelope, marked with their details.

For those visited at homes, their ballots are kept in a secure box file, till the votes collation date, while those who go to voting stations have their special votes envelopes placed in ballot boxes.

These votes are then counted, with all other votes, once the counting begins.