Being a mineworker is one of the most dangerous types of jobs in the world. Therefore several countries have come up with ways to ensure that mineworkers and their families are compensated for any injury or loss that they suffer. South Africa Is no exception. On today’s episode, we will be discussing mineworkers and their families’ rights to compensation for injury or loss suffered. Our distinguished guest tells us how his firm protects  the  rights  of mineworkers and their family in relation to compensation for injuries.

He also talked about the laws that make provision for compensation of mineworkers in South Africa, when the mine workers or their families are entitled to compensation in terms of these laws. Other issues discussed here are: if there are any governing bodies that deal specifically with such compensations and what the application procedure for compensation after the mineworker has sustained an injury would be. Another issue is if the compensation is calculated or quantified? What happens when the compensation is not paid out, and what legal recourse the mine workers or their families can resort to, and so much more.

Watch this video to learn more.

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