Copyright  infringement has become so common in this era of digital publishing, despite Copyright laws in place to protect the rights of the copyright owners. Today we discuss how copyright  protection in the digital era of publishing, particularly zooming in onthe recent High Court decision in Moneyweb (Pty) Ltd vs Media24 & Another. What is the future of digital publishing in South Africa? 

The guests Mr. Karel Bredenkamp from Bredenkamp Attorneys, and Mr. Robin Richardson from Kisch IP talk about their experience as Copyright Attorneys? Their firm has litigated several landmark cases, and made significant impact in the drafting, amendment and progression of Copyright laws in South Africa and on a global level?

How do the Copyright Laws work? How do they protect a copyright holder against infringement? How does the protection of the different types of digital publishing (e.g. digital print or digital news) differ?

On the 4th of May 2016 the Gauteng High made a ruling on breach of the Copyright Act by referring to two instances:  

a) Substantial use of an article;

b) The concept of fair dealing.

We discuss the case in relation to the above mentioned aspects and other instances in terms of case law which would constitute a breach of the Copyright Act. How such judgments will affect digital publishing? Does the future of digital publishing look promising or is there likely to be a decline as a result of this. These are the kinds of questions that were tackled in this episode.