Many notable victories were recorded by the criminal justice system in the year 2015, of note being the Oscar Pistorius conviction for culpable homicide which was later reversed in the Supreme Court to a conviction of murder. In this episode of “Spirit of the Law”, our host Ada Ama-Nkoju and her guest Mr Pierre Du Toit from Hooyberg Attorneys discuss the Oscar Pistorius Appeal. In the first part of the video, Mr Du Toit  says that “In the criminal law of South Africa, there are 5 elements to any crime that the state must prove beyond reasonable doubt in order for someone to be convicted. These are Conduct, Causation, Unlawfulness, Criminal Capacity, and Fault.” Watch the video to learn more:

Watch the second part of the video to see what Mr Du Toit says concerning Oscar’s leave to appeal to the Constitutional court.