On this episode, Spirit of the Law wanted to help some of our viewers who are final year law students this year, and are concerned about what to expect once they become Candidate Attorneys; others want to know how to go about securing a job at a law firm as a Candidate Attorney and what kind of law firms to focus on.
Practicing as a Candidate Attorney is the first step to being admitted to practice law in South Africa.

Our three Candidate Attorneys: Larisha Naidoo from Kunene Ramapala Attorneys; Vinolia Stewart
from D & K Attorneys which are senior candidates and our junior Candidate Attorney is Scott Kelly from Jurgens Bekker Attorneys
discussed issues such as;

1. What are the requirements to be a Candidate Attorney? E.g. a degree etc. 
2. How they got the job and what were the things they were looking for in a firm when applying?  
3. How can law students go about applying for jobs as Candidate Attorneys? What do law firms look for when selecting Candidates?
4. How many years or months have you been in practice and what has been the experience thus far being a junior under more senior Attorneys?
5. After being in practice for a while, having junior attorneys come into the firm, what would you say is the difference between a junior 
candidate and yourself in terms of knowledge and how you handle matters?
6. What can final year law students expect in a general practice as a Candidate Attorney? 
E.g. bullying, intimidation, becoming an errand girl or boy etc. 

They all had interesting things to say about their journey as candidate attorneys like Scott who talks about how
for a while during a period of time, all he did was filing, and making copies.
They all talked about how they had to do a particular basic job within the firm for a while, and they all agreed that these jobs just instilled in them a very 
great sense of discipline, which every attorney needs to have in order to be a great attorney.
They also spoke about how you have to know how to do these things for yourself, incase something comes up.

This was a very inspiring episode indeed. We would love to hear from you.
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