Corruption has plagued many nations across the world and despite legislative enactments to fight it, there seems to be a rapid increase in acts of corruption. The question is: How do we fight it? Do we use legal mechanisms or moral mechanisms? Our guest Leanne Govindsamy, the Head of Legal and Investigation Unit, at “Corruption Watch” answers questions such as: 

What is corruption? 

How her organization is involved in the fight against corruption?

What is the difference between the legal and moral fight against corruption?

Why is there a rapid increase in corruption in most countries? 

Could it be attributed to the inadequacies of the country’s laws?

What is the best way to fight corruption: the legal route – and prosecution; or the moral route- promoting integrity and ethics?

In her opinion can corruption be completely eradicated and if not, what 

How does the future look, considering the rapid increase of corrupt activities?

This is a must watch episode!