String Unleashed Season 2

Strings Unleashed is a gospel music video countdown show, that is poised to bring kingdom songs into the homes of our viewers. These praise and worship songs are based on the word of God taught by our man of God Pastor Chris in the LoveWorld Nation;

In this fresh season of Strings Unleashed, we would love to be more interactive with you our viewers. That means you will be part of the voting process. “Vote now” by dropping a comment below ; i.e. 1 Ada or 7 Joe Praise. Let the voting begin!!!

S/NArtist Song
1AdaOn my Matter
3JahdielMy light
4JahdielLike you
5EbenYou are reason
6EbenJoyful Noise
7Joe PraizeJoy Overflow
8Joe PraizeEverything is Blessed
9SinachThere is an overflow
10SinachI Fly
11Sam JamzAlive
12Martin PKThus says the Spirit
13T. B. 1Voice of the Lord
14Ur FlamesSomething to shout About
15Ur FlamesI don’t want this to end
16Melo F.T Cliff MShakara
17Testimony JagaJehovah
19SamsongTurn Me Around
20CSOHoly Spirit
22Daniel MylesGlory
23Daniel MylesLife is Spiritual
24Winter AmadinBlessings