Buku, Nande and Cassey bring to you an edition packed with holiday activity ideas and holiday destination places you can visit. The show starts by celebrating the man of God Pastor Chris, reading some “love” letters to him for his Birthday. Cassey says that “Love letters are very important and relevant, “By writing a love letter, maybe to your parents, your friend, your grandparents, you are expressing yourself in words and you will be able to pour out your emotions, this will make you realise how deeply you love the person you are writing to.” They also discuss different activities to keep them busy during the festive holidays. Watch the show in two parts below:

When we talk about Holiday Season, many young people think about travelling, doing different activities, like horse riding, going out with friends, but Nande says that, ‘’during the holiday of the festive season, I visit my grandmother.’’

Watch the second part below: