Student Life – Episode 1 of Student Life, hosted by the charming duo – Bukhu & Nande, has run on LoveWorldSAT. Student Life is a new program that seeks to break Youth and Students out of the world’s negative mold, and to transform their minds, and build them into the success and superb image that we all were created to be!

Our guests on this premier episode – Self Esteem – are Susan Styles and her husband Chris Styles who “are in business together to deliver results to people and businesses in their personal, career and business lives”. Chris defined Self-Esteem as a multi-faceted concept, one of which is Self Concept. He says the way you walk and talk, the way you greet the world, the way you think about life and yourself. He said it is really about your internal self image, whereas people are more concerned with their external self image, the Internal self  image he said is ‘the way you see yourself inside’. Chris also categorically stated that you would never be able to create more success, more money or enjoy more love beyond what your core concept of you is on the inside.

You really need to view the excerpts below, to see how powerful the nuggets they shared with us on the show are, and then, you need to view the complete episode of this show. Chris said that a lack of a family that engages in building you up and positive reinforcement, you would grow up with a ‘rubbish self esteem’. He said that the only way ou can change the inside image, no matter how you look on the outside is ‘when you begin to connect with who you really are, because there lies power, respect and the magic of who you are as a person.

You can also listen to an excerpt on LoveWorldSAT Radio, or the entire episode also on LoveWorldSAT Radio. Susan in sharing more beautiful and life-changing thoughts said that people come into the world as empty containers, and our self image are filled with the experiences and things we go through. In order to change this, we need to train ourselves to replace the wrong self image with a better self concept. She thus said a healthy self concept can be trained. One of the most intriguing statements Chris made is to refer to negative elements that seek to warp our self-concepts as “Virus Code”.

The second segment of the show – Navigator – with Cassey, moved over to the Big Fish school of Digital Film- making. Big Fish has made a tremendous impact on young people, especially with their trust – Little Pond Productions – that helps their students who would rather go straight into film production, rather than going the employment path. Little Pond recently won the Stevie International Business Awards. You can watch a clip
of the awards ceremony in the full video of this episode on the “Student Life” portal. The show ended with a song, I’m Excellent by Sharon Oyakhilome.