In this episode of Student Life, our hosts Nande and Cassey talk about the Experience of Studying and Working Abroad. They start the show by reading people’s comments on the #LoveWorldSAT Super User, and also share with us their favourite quotes by pastor Chris that inspires them academically.

Comments from #LoveWorldSAT SuperUser on KingsChat

De lead: “If it didn’t work, it wasn’t faith”

Ndamulelo Muthakhi: “Success is impacting the world with the investment of your personality.”

Princess Maddie: “The extent of your vision is the boundary of your blessing.

Mildred Osomenya: “Work on being, don’t work on having because with what you are, you will have.”

In this part of the video, our guests Anesu Hamandishi a student at Monash University and Shalom Masola who works on a Disney Cruise Ship Line, share with us their experience of studying and working abroad. Watch for more: