The Drug Problem in South Africa has been on a rapid increase in  parts of the country, especially in the last few years. More than eleven percent of South Africans have addiction problems and despite government’s best efforts many succumb to the drug lifestyle.

Amina Cssan say her 32 year old son is a druggie:  “we even fight for money for drugs, we really need help, I wish the government can do something about this. The community is calling on government to establish more rehabilitation centres.”

The South African National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (SANCA) Central representative say it’s challenging, because drugs are every where.

“drugs are easily accessible this days its rare to find a young person not smoking”

Local activist Ozzie Pally estimates that nearly 70 percent of young people in his community are hooked on drugs. “It is very difficult for us as a community you have drug dealers that are assisted by the Police.”

SAPS Colonel Lungile Mazibuko say they need more whistle blowers and that at the moment there is progress, as they are arresting drug dealers on a daily basis.