This interesting episode of Talking Monuments covers the history of the Mandela House that belonged to South Africa’s hero – Nelson Mandela. The Mandela House is situated at 8115 in Orlando West in Soweto. In the first video, the tour guide Jane Monakwane explained that Nelson Mandela lived in Soweto before he was arrested, and he returned to the house immediately after his release saying he wants to return to the house of his memories. In that Mandela had to be in a safer environment, he moved to Houghton 11 days after his release. The house in Soweto was then turned into a museum by Winnie Madikizela Mandela. Watch the first part of the episode below:

In the second part of the video, our host – Jane – tells us about the coal stove which Mandela used; explaining that there was no electricity in Soweto, so people used paraffin lamps, and also used coal stoves to cook, and to warm the house. Watch the second part of the video to learn more about how Mandela lived: