Deaconess Simphiwe Xinwa talks to our guests Judge Masipa of the Gauteng Division of the High Court of South Africa, and Nelly Nyathi, Director of Malaya Designs about Woman in Business and powerful careers. They identify problems that many if not all women face in business and bring the suggest solutions to these problems.   

Our analyst Shelton Ndindana also highlights different views on the issues that affects women in business. Not only do women experience challenges in businesses, but also in various careers. Many people still doubt and undermine women in various occupations and careers like:

  • Piloting: You find that in most cases people do not want to travel with a female pilot.
  • Public Transport: Some people come to the point of trying to persuade the government to have buses or taxis driven strictly by males.
  • Pastoring: Congregation of Female Pastors decrease while the ones with male Pastors increase and in most cases it is the males that leave the churches.

How can these issues be solved? How can we get both the government and the men to look at the female gender as able women in different societies, South Africa and the entire world? Watch this episode of Talking Solutions as we look into these different challenges.