In 2015 –  The Year of Triumph, the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, thrived like never before, reaching different parts of the world, through the message of our dear man of God, Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome; leaving in its path, salvation, healing, deliverance, supernatural promotions, outstanding victories, and phenomenal successes.

These remarkable achievements where as a result of God’s mighty Generals, Helpers of the War, the ever passionate and resilient staff members of the BLW Nation. These mighty men and women have continually distinguished themselves, in their passionate service and commitment in the propagation of the Gospel, through the various structure of the ministry. Adequately themed as “Season of Glory”, the LoveWorld Staff Awards 2015 was an auspicious occasion where the esteemed staff members were celebrated for their commitment and contributions during the year. Watch the opening moments of the event in the video below:

The 2015 Staff Awards was totally unique in style and content, as staff members where commended and awarded on new levels – Zonal and regional levels, DSP level, Campus Ministry and many more. These new award categories, are a result of the undeniable growth and increase recorded by the ministry in this awesome year.

Starting the night, was an opening address by our man of God Pastor Chris, who commended the staff for their exceptional commitment and exemplary contribution in the work of the ministry in the year 2015. It was indeed a night of Glory, beauty, splendour, and magnificence, as each segment was carefully organised to entertain, appreciate, and celebrate the stars. There were intriguing and captivating performances such as, comedy, dance, music, and games as part of the entertainment.

A special song in honour of the man of God was performed, and staff members uniquely expressed their love and appreciation to the president Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome for the opportunity to serve in the Lord’s vineyard. Then came the most anticipated part of the night, the award segments. Special recognition awards where  given to individuals and groups for their dedicated and exemplary service in the year 2015. Some of them are shown in the video below:

Commendation awards where also given to  various committees who delivered to the ministry world class programs in the year 2015. Several Staff members emerged, Staff of the Year from various regions, Campus Ministry, and the HQ Community.