In April, over 200 young people from more than 50 countries gathered in Johannesburg, South Africa, for a time of fellowship and impartation with the man of God, Pastor Chris at the fourth edition of the International Easter Youth Camp. Many activities were carefully structured to enhance the soundness of their spirits, minds and bodies.


On the first day morning devotions was followed by an orientation class, and then an outing to the Sandton City Mall. A special evening session with the BLW Director of Church Ministry and Organization, Rev. Tom Amenkhienan welcomed, recognized and instructed the delegates on their attitude throughout the Camp:

Be focused and let the Holy Spirit inspire you. This is not a social adventure; you have come on a spiritual voyage. The Holy Spirit is coaching and preparing you for leadership. So, when you have an opportunity such as this, take hold of it.”

Reverend Tom concluded an inspiring session with a call for those who desired to be filled with the Holy Ghost, and it was a glorious experience to witness so many young people moving forward to another phase in their Christian walk. Prayers of thanksgiving were given in closing.


Day two was filled with several activities, which included a visit to the Gold Reef City, and then of course the evening session which was the highlight of the day.

A video report of the impact made by youth who attended the camp last year was followed by testimonies one . Zoe from Australia shared her testimony:

Last year, after the camp, the Word of God set fire in my bones; I returned to school and I started winning souls, so much that even my teachers noticed. I have a friend who was sick; she received healing after I ministered the Word to her.”

Pastor Biodun Lawal, the BLW Teens’ Ministry Director ministered in the session, expounding on the theme for the year’s camp. He clarified that contending for the faith means to fight for and defend the Gospel. He urged the youth to use every opportunity to propagate the Gospel, telling them that,

Christianity is not for the weak; the day you gave your life to Christ, you signed up as a soldier, to serve Him… the reason God is blessing you is so that you can be His ambassador wherever you are.”

The delegates also spent time to pray for their nations and the prevalence of the Gospel all around the world. Indeed, the truth is marching on, and these youth are soldiers-in-training for the advancement of God’s Kingdom. Sunday promises to be a different sort of encounter for the delegates as they will attend the Healing Service with Pastor Chris.


Several ministry activities took over day three of the conference, which included the Global Communion Service and the 3rd Healing Service of the Healing School Autumn Session.

Day four had a morning session, this time at the camp site, with the Camp Director, Pastor Deola Phillips teaching on “Four Important Virtues for an Exemplary Life.”  The session also featured prayers, praise, devotional segments, special team presentations and individual ministrations.

Speaking from 2 Timothy 4:12, Pastor Deola admonished the youth to be the ideal examples for others to follow. She stressed that a young Christian should not seek to blend in or follow popular opinion, but rather should stand out and set the standard or pattern for others to emulate. She outlined 4 important virtues that a young person must imbibe to become that example: Prudence, Courage, Temperance and Justice.

The youth were delighted as they thanked God for all they had learned, and as they left the hall to prepare for their first camp meeting with Pastor Chris, one could tell that they had been impacted beyond measure by the class.

The Evening Session featured colourful and enthusiastic presentations by delegates from Canada, South Korea, Mauritius and Fiji. There was also a film about John Hus, the Czech priest and martyr, who was executed for preaching the truth of the scriptures and for insisting that everyone should hear and read the Bible in their common language; and a talk show with some delegates who recapped all that they have learned so far.

Other highlights of the day were drama, dance and other presentations, which had the youth cheering loudly as they were entertained and ministered to. The passion for the Gospel is burning deep in the hearts of these young ones, and they will yet be transported to higher realms of insight into the Word.

Amy from South Korea stated that being nervous or shy about preaching became history when she saw from the scripture that the Gospel is the only power of God unto salvation.

I’ve been equipped with the Word, and I know that I shouldn’t give up or quit. I learned that I shouldn’t look down on myself; despite my age, God handpicked me for leadership,”

Christabel from the United Kingdom.