The 2018 International School of Ministry Session will be holding from the 9th of April till the 3rd of May, 2018 in Johannesburg, South-Africa. The ISM presents opportunities for insightful ministerial education, facilitating and promoting the unity of the body of Christ, the expansion and the advancement of His kingdom in our world through deliberate and strategic teaching and establishment of divine truths of God’s word, in the hearts and minds of God’s ministers all over the world.

This school offers the opportunity to experience first-hand the Healing Ministry of Pastor Chris and exposure to teaching, doctrine and mentoring by the Man of God himself. It affords intending students access to the unveiling of the depth of God’s word and emphatic delivery of the foundations of the things most surely believed amongst us in the unity of the faith of Jesus Christ. This will facilitate the preparedness of every Minister or Pastor for various forms of ministry through personal diligence, commitment and steadfastness and faith in God’s infallible word.

For more information, visit the program site at: ISM