On this episode of the professional we look into the ever-exciting industry of Cinematography.

The host Dennis Oshea interviews Micheal Uche Ogoke aka Godfather, of Godfather Productions. “It’s an interesting job, you have to be very creative, be able to visualize, then begin to recreate in order to see things with a different eye in this industry”, says Godfather.

Godfather now an executive producer, from being a director and a producer speaks of his 14 years in the industry as a cinematographer. He talks about the changes and improvements in picture quality and sound over the years, and how it has played a role in improving Cinematography from standard definition to high definition (HD).

Godfather has interesting facts for us one of which is how Hollywood started from South Africa. Hollywood draws inspiration from Africa, thus Africa has a lot to offer the Cinematography industry.’ It requires one to continually improve and upgrade themselves in terms of knowledge and changes that occur from time to time as the world evolves. He also says when working on a project one needs to see himself as a brand and the client as a brand. An example he gave was how people use music videos to identify an Artiste, thus music videos are used as a marketing tool.

To learn more about Cinematography and the industry this video is a must watch