A top Chinese general attended the opening on Monday of a regional armed forces health forum organized by the Chinese and US militaries, as the two sides set aside friction over trade and territorial issues such as the South China Sea.This week’s Asia Pacific Military Health Exchange in the western city of Xian, best known as the home of the Terracotta Army, has about 600 participants, with military officials from 28 countries, including US allies like Japan and Australia, attending.General Song Puxuan, head of China’s Central Military Commission’s Logistics Support Department, posed for pictures with Terry M. Rauch, acting US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, at the opening ceremony in one of Xian’s upmarket hotels.Song, whose attendance was not previously publicly announced, did not address the conference. Military sources say he is close to President Xi Jinping and was previously head of the military’s northern command, having risen rapidly up the ranks since Xi took office six years ago.China has been keen to highlight its cooperation with the US military, despite a bitter trade war and Chinese suspicion at both US support for self-ruled and Chinese-claimed Taiwan, and US involvement in the disputed South China Sea.This is the first exchange between the Chinese and US militaries on military health for the Asia Pacific, and has attracted high attention from Asia Pacific nations.At the event, which features mostly technical discussions on preventing disease and treating injuries, China’s armed forces will show off new equipment used for medical purposes, such as aircraft and vehicles.