The high unemployment rate in South Africa has forced some residents to venture into creative ways of earning a living. LoveWorld News team caught up with a graduate who was forced to trade on the street due to unemployment.

Johannesburg also known as City of Gold, is the economic hub of South Africa. It also has lots of opportunities for young people, but they are confronted with many challenges among them a very high unemployment rate, which encourages people like Lawrence Ramokona to find alternative ways to generate income. He produces different kind of art works using wood and paintings.

Lawrence says his products are proudly South African with a touch of the culture of the tribes. He went on to say, “I have attended few expos events, and even Prince Charles of England knows my art work.” The interesting part of this phenomenon is that they are also training and encouraging school children to venture into artworks and the aim is to promote diversity and culture.

The Department of Art and Culture in Johannesburg has promised young people that plans are being put in place to help young people find their gifts. Lawrence also mentioned that the minister of Tourism, Art and Culture also visited during an exhibition on Freedom Day. He also mentioned the presence of his work on the database of Arts and Culture.