Unemployment is a global challenge but South Africa has one of the worst youth unemployment problems in the world with the average of 25, 29 percent from the year 2000 until 2016. Many graduates often search for jobs online but finding work is very challenging even with qualifications . Oso Nciweni complited her studied in the university of Johannesburg three years later she is still struggling to find a job “It has affected me a lot by this time I thought I will be working earning my own salary, I have decided to go back to school and I have started my own clothing range “said Oso. Some students think a degree is the way out of poverty.

 Talina Lukhele University of Johannesburg says unemployment is cost by lazy people in south Africa we have lot of reassures that we can use “Our government must support  entrepreneurs”. On the other hand Government has come up with series of plans to improve schools create jobs and end poverty many of this are yet to yield the desired results

 Pherpherd Mungareyaani  Lecture University of Johannesburg  says student should consider studying maths and science “If you look at the engineering sector most of the companies are still looking to people to occupy ,the problem is we are not getting enough people in those sectors to fill those positions “Despite the huge improvement since 1994 black student are still underrepresented in south African universities.