Africa is a continent full of natural resources, but the sun – is still underutilized. The energy crisis in South Africa has prompted more people to harvest solar power for electricity. Our Reporter Innocent Semosa spoke to Darlington Ubek MD of Green Echo Energy on the use of solar power for power generation and filed a report.

Green Echo Energy is a Branson Centre renewable energy company They focus on building platforms and connect commercial businesses and residential homeowners the power to control energy. “Basically what we do is we provide alternative energy using solar systems or solar panels or modules and we ensure that our customers are competitive, Grean” says Darlington.

Energy is still a challenge in Africa but South Africa is much better than a lot of African countries. Green Echo looked into it and came up with a solution that will not only be profitable to the company but would be able to meet the needs of energy users to help them store the energy, and the sun is their major resource Green Echo has partnered with government, they are affiliated with the Johannesburg chamber of commerce and industry which has a role in bringing different entrepreneurs who have a focus on expanding their Business. Now is the time to fit a solar panel to your roof.