Why are the Metropolitan Municipalities important in the South African Municipalities Elections? Despite that statistics show the ANC dominance in the elections, the DA, EFF and other opposition parties are excited about their upstaging of the ANC in the Metros. So what are the Metros really?

In an earlier post we made – The SA Municipal Elections – we talked about the various kinds of Municipalities in South Africa. The Metro (Metropolitan Municipality), executes all the functions of Local Government, for a city or conurbation, an area that has “strong interdependent social and economic linkages.” They are the nerve centres of the Country, and are also home to 20,372, 000 people, which make up 37.4% of the National Population. They thus are home to the largest population of the most skilled, affluent and educated people in the country.

Bringing these to the analysis of the election results, there has been a National Shift in support on a National Level at -7,64% for the ANC, (Get Information on National Shifts in our earlier post:- SA Municipal Elections 2016 Updates) but in the largest Municipality of Johannesburg, the shift is -17.07%. This is a huge loss, and the party has lost majority and thus control in four (4) of the seven metros that they controlled before the elections, out of the eight (8) Metros in South Africa.

The DA controlled only one Metropolitan Municipality (City of Cape Town), but at the moment, the ANC has conceded defeat in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro, and the DA are poised to take two or three more if the present results go in the same direction.

Below is the present results at the time of this report, on the National Level, showing Support, Councils and Seats won.

National Votes and Support:

  • ANC: 54.42%
  • DA: 26.27%
  • EFF: 7.99%
  • IFP: 4.46%
  • VF PLUS: 0.76%
  • AIC: 0.75%
  • UDM: 0.59%
  • ICOSA: 0.11%

Councils Leading:

  • ANC: 156
  • DA: 22
  • IFP: 7
  • ICOSA: 1

Total Seats Won:

  • ANC: 4443
  • DA: 1310
  • EFF: 512
  • IFP: 391
  • VF PLUS: 48
  • UDM: 46
  • COPE: 32
  • ICOSA: 11
  • Others: 242

In the Metros, the image below tells a different story:

South Africa LGE 2016

Courtesy of news24

While the National vote seems close to the status quo, the Metros are telling a different story, and this may be a prelude to the Parliamentary Elections coming up in 2019, which would determine the Presidency of South Africa.