In this episode of World View, Yvonne Katsande speaks to Micheal Tellinger the leader of the Ubuntu political party and Ntlalo Ngacaza, a youth activist in South Africa. Michael Tellinger graduated from Wits University in 1983 with a B.Pharm degree.

While studying he spent most of his time moving within entertainment circles. In 2012 Tellinger founded the Ubuntu Party in South Africa, based on his principles of contribution-ism and the party contested in the 2014 National Elections.  His song “We come from Johannesburg” in 1986 was a nine-minute anti-apartheid epic, and was also the first Rap album to be released by a South African artist.

The song was instantly banned due to its anti-government stance, and Tellinger became a target of the regime via phone tapping, South African Police surveillance, several threats on his life, and other intimidating tactics.The song was originally written by Michael Tellinger and Neil Johnson of Radio 702 fame in Los Angeles while living in exile. Tellinger and Johnson wrote the rap epic to put on record a South African perspective on the situation in the country.

Also discussed on the show, a special debate held in the National Assembly, where opposition parties tore into the ANC about the failure to detain Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir in South Africa after a court order mandating this. While the institution of the ICC came in for some skepticism from sections of the opposition, there were harsh words for the government’s apparent disregard for South Africa’s own rule of law. ANC MPs remained defiant in the face of criticism and hinted strongly that South Africa may leave the ICC. Micheal Tellinger give us his comment on the Al Bashir case.