The LoveWorld Convocation Arena and several auditoria throughout the world were packed out with worshippers, full of expectations for the miraculous. Thousands ministered to the Lord, singing with gratitude and expectation for the miraculous.

There were inspiring ministrations from BLW artistes, Sinach, Eben, T-Sharp, Sophia, Joe Praise and more. With hands lifted high, those with different ailments or sicknesses in their bodies turned their hearts to Jesus, the beginner and perfecter of their faith, and they were not disappointed.

Pastor Chris told the eager congregants, “If you need any miracle, you don’t need to ask God; just receive!” From then, every heart was turned away from areas of need to the Lord in heartfelt worship and praise as the Man of God himself took them through songs of worship.

Pastor Chris exhorted the global congregation on the believer’s ever-increasing life of glory, and there were glorious testimonies of miracles and healings. While one lady testified of the disappearance of a lump from her breast, another recalled seeing angels surgically remove a cyst and fibroid from her body as Pastor Chris prayed for the sick. Many more were in line to share the testimony of God’s wonder-working power in their lives.

One of the Highlights of the program was when Pastor Chris explained the basis for living a continuously victorious and progressing life. He says if you think your life has been stagnant? This is because you haven’t understood a revelation, watch the video clip below to discover and make progress.