In this special episode of Youth Live, the Future Africa Leaders’ Award winners: Joyce Selitse, Aboneng Lesedi, and Ishmael Tsakatsa were our special guests at the LoveWorldSAT studios. They shared with us what the inspirations, that led them up to being FALA Awardees.

The show started with a ministration by PKCJ – ‘’Is That Your God.’’ We then moved on to the FALA Awardees. Ishmael spoke about how he was inspired, when he saw a need in the rural communities of Zimbabwe, particularly people living with disabilities. These people do not get much help and attention, and this inspired him to reach out to them. Ishmael also successfully collaborated with several organisations as well as the government of Zimbabwe to organise several projects to enhance community development, education and improved health services across several communities in Zimbabwe. Watch the first part of the show on the video below:

In the second part of the video, the award winners share with us their top secret to success. Joyce says that her top secret was yielding herself to the Holy Spirit, and following the guidance of her Pastors. Aboneng also says the Holy Spirit is her driving force, quoting Pastor Chris saying ‘’Be the change you want to see in the world,’’ and that “there are some people that can only reached by you.” Watch the concluding part of the show: