Discovering, cultivating and developing the leader in a person can be challenge for many. Our guest, Phapheus Motlane inspires the viewers as he talks about what leadership is. “Leadership is an opportunity to do something, it is an opportunity to help others fulfill their dreams and to experience freedom, excellence and find opportunities in life”. A leader therefore is one who helps others see because he sees ahead, studies ahead, goes ahead clearing the path, paves the way, and  inspires others. Leadership has everything to do with responsibility, beyond a title or position.

Phapheus along with our hosts Vickie and Peter, look at the different qualities of leadership. Phapheus shares with us the different qualities a leader cannot do without. He says, “A leader must be bold, they should not be afraid to make mistakes as mistakes will always come, but instead they should adjust from the mistakes. A leader must be patient and humble.” He also talks about how one can become an influential leader. Rounding up the show, Noel & Oray sing the song:  Anything.  Watch the video for more.