“When God wants to save a person or a nation, he sends his man!” — Rev. Tom Amenkhienan

Highly esteemed BLW CEC Member and Director of Church Ministry, Reverend Tom Amenkhienan, made a grand entrance into the nation of Zimbabwe on Saturday, April 22nd, in the company of another highly esteemed CEC Member, Evang. (Dr.) Eddy Owase.

The mission of this vital visit was to make way for the coming of the BLW President, Rev. (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, for the Worship and Communion Service to be held in the main arena of the Zimbabwe National Sports Stadium on the 7th of May. Both Reverend Tom and Evang. Eddy promised nothing short of an avalanche of spiritual blessings accruing from the man of God’s first visit to Zimbabwe.

The esteemed senior ministers took a tour of the venue of the event, where they expressed their satisfaction and anticipated a wonderful time in the presence of God on the 7th of May. A visibly grateful and excited Pastor Ruth Musarurwa, Zonal Pastor of Southern Africa Zone 5, poured out her heart on her elation and satisfaction of finally realizing her dream of hosting the man of God in Zimbabwe, calling it an answered prayer.

The visit by Reverend Tom, which would later include a meeting with the Pastors and leaders in Southern Africa Zone 5, to prep them for this epic event, surely paves the way for the grand entrance of the man of God to a highly expectant nation. Lives and destinies will be altered for many years ahead.