In this episode of LoveWorldSAT Partners’ Live Show, Pastor Ose Oyakhilome speaks to the partners of LoveWorldSAT, Pastor Rude Nkenene and Sis Susan Kgobe.

Pastor Rude Nkenene says partnering with LoveWorldSAT is her life, she said, ‘The only thing that makes sense to her is partnering. Partnering will give your life a meaning when you begin to realise the destiny and the platform that God has given you, to change lives.” Pastor Rudo also said that she does not need to be inspired to partner, but its a conviction and it is the reason why she is here, to do more and to change lives.

Sis Susan Kgobe said that ”By watching LoveWorldSAT your knowledge is increased, and there will be abundance in your life.” She also enlightens us of how the message goes world wide and that she is impressed that LoveWorldSAT is now in India, to change the lives of people in India. She also said that it is not easy to change the culture of people in India, but through LoveWorld India, a lot of them have changed, and that her family is receiving everything they require through watching LoveWorldSAT.