Oliver Tambo was a South African anti-apartheid struggle icon and a revolutionary who served as President of the African National Congress (ANC) from 1967 to 1991. As South Africans continue to remember his legacy and political teachings, our reporter Innocent Semosa spoke to his Son Dali Tambo to learn more about the man popularly called OR Tambo and filed this report.

Oliver Reginald Tambo was born in the village of Ketellina in the Mpodolands Qaweni on the 27th of October 1917 and passed on at the age of 75. “South Africa will be transferred to a country of all South Africans of all racist it is inescapable” Oliver Tambo said in 1989. Known for his attributes and achievements Oliver Tambo would be turning 99 years old this year, he played a role in South African democracy including the inclusive of the bill of rights in our now celebrated constitution.

LoveWorld News had an opportunity to speak to Oliver Tambo’s son Dali Tambo in remembrance of his fathers legacy. He said, “Tambo leaved a life of commitment and integrity that aroused from his early Christian teachings and the rural environment in which he grew up”. He said his father was religious and loved music and sheared one of his fondest moment with his father. Dali Tambo said “without ANC, South Africa is in Big trouble without a united effective powerful delivering ANC, I am afraid we would let down the Oliver, Adilate, Chris Hni and all the straggle icons.