Sihle Magubane is the founder of “Sihle’s Brew South Africa“, and he has turned his love for coffee into a career. Sihle Magubane started South Africa’s first individually black-owned coffee brand in 2012. For Magubane, however, it’s not an issue of race but rather about what’s served in the cup “I put heart in what I do that’s what makes me different.”

Born in Nkandla and raised in the dusty streets of eNtungwa, Sihle got into the coffee making business by chance. He was offered free training as a barista by a gentleman he met while working at a restaurant. Equipped with the skill and passion for coffee making, he moved to Joburg to pursue his business dream. He now owns Sihle’s Brew which roasts coffee and sells it to retail markets. Sihle says he needs to grow his clientele in order to make a success of his business “growing a business is never easy, you need to be radical as an entrepreneur” Sihle says.
Very inspirational indeed, Sihle Magubane shows how hard work and determination make dreams come true. The future looks bright for the intrepid coffee master, as he looks to be the first black-owned coffee brand to export overseas.