If you are outside South Africa, please send an email.


Using your Remote Control:
1. Press MENU go to Advanced Options and press OK.
2. Go to Dish Installation and press OK.
3. Enter PIN Code 9 9 4 9.
4. On Dish Installation menu
5. Press Ok on Network 2.
6. Use right arrow to select “IS/20 and Press OK
7. Go to FREQUENCY (line 6) & press OK.
8. Enter 12602 and then press OK
9. Symbol Rate 26657
10. FEC 2/3
11.Polarization Vertical

  • Go to accept displayed values press ok
  • Then go to scan all networks

Scanning may take several minutes wait for it

To complete Press TV button and move down to Public IS 20 and press
Press P+ or P- until you find LoveWorldSAT To return to DSTV, press TV

For further technical assistance

Kindly contact INGRID BODIBE on +2711 886 1778
Mobile +2773 092 4799



New Parameters:
1.Press menu
2.Go to Installation
3.Add Satelite IS20(check the buttons with colours @ the bottom it will give you direction
4.Press keyboard button on your remote to give an option to type manually IS20 then confirm using the colour button
6.Insert longitude no 068.50 & Save
7.Then press exit
8.Press menu again
9.Go to transponder refer to the colour button
10.Add frequency 12602 colour button for that option again
11.Scroll down to Symbol rate & put 26657
12.Fec 2/3 if that option is not available skip
13.Polarization is vertical using arrow buttons on your remote
14.Then save & scan (colour buttons
15.Press ok it will give you list of channel
16.Scroll to go to Loveworld